Welcome to the Lawrence Register's site for Headstone Photos of persons buried in Lawrence County, Ohio!

Well, since our last big website crash, I have been looking at other options for The Lawrence Register Website. We were using the popular CMS program called Drupal, but apparently our website was just too large to handle the constant upgrades.

I am going to venture onto a program more stable and modern. I wanted something that everyone could log on and leave comments, pictures, stories, queries, questions, suggestions and even complaints.

Let's start with this blogger site with Google and see where it takes us. I hope this new blog will work for us, I like the ease and no worry with coding and updating. That leaves me lots of free time to posts information and keep the site fresh and free of broken links and spammers.

Take a look around, leave me your comments, suggestions or complaints. I would love to hear from you.

Martha J. Martin, owner and maintainer of The Lawrence Register